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I love what I do every day. I love that my work takes me outdoors (100 SPF sunscreen!). I love doing the hard work (both the brainy, creative work and the dirt-under-the-nails, aching-back kind). I love experimenting and trying new things. My own garden serves as a laboratory: tinkering with plant compositions, propagating succulents, testing out different materials and textures - driving my family crazy by the ever increasing pots and plant clippings. I love a good sense of humor.

My eighteen years of experience in architecture designing modern interior spaces combined with my love of the outdoors developed into crafting places that draw people outside. The location of the work changed but the design principles like balance and proportion, repetition and rhythm, and materials remain the same.

My ultimate goal is to connect people with their outdoor space and design a place they will never want to leave.


Bachelor of Arts, major in Architecture. Washington University in St. Louis.

Master of Architecture. Columbia University in New York City.

CA Architect License #34185